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Non-surgical Bichectomy

People who desire to get a slimmer face regularly frequently use non-surgical cheek thinning techniques. Thanks to this application, which are mostly preferred by people who have excess facial fat or merely full cheeks, you may get the benefits of bichectomy without going under the knife.

What is Cheek Thinning?

The bones in the face become more pronounced as a result of cheek thinning. Despite being underweight or having lost weight and reached their target weight, some persons can still complain of having too much fat around their cheeks. Even if they lose weight, some people may never be able to get rid of the growth on their cheeks that occurs when they put on weight. A variety of cheek thinning applications have been created to address these people's issues. This post will discuss HIFU, a non-surgical and highly effective cheek thinning method.

Cheek Slimming with HIFU

High-intensity focused ultrasound, or HIFU, is a non-invasive and painless procedure for flattening the cheeks. Focused ultrasound is employed in this method to treat the cheek region. As a result of this application, the area of application produces more collagen, which strengthens the connective tissue. So the skin where the ultrasound is applied becomes noticeably tighter.

Developed in 2008 for cosmetic reasons, HIFU has excellent outcomes. With its ability to give the face a lift, HIFU is one of the most popular cosmetic applications. The outcomes of this application won't fully manifest themselves for a few months. For people who wish to get effective cheek thinning without having surgery, HIFU, a highly safe application, is the best option.

After the cells in the region where HIFU is administered reach a specific temperature, the effects of this treatment start to show. With this effect, which occurs when cellular damage occurs thanks to heat, cells begin to produce more collagen. The protein collagen serves as the foundation for the skin. Skin tightens and wrinkles disappear as these protein levels rise. There is no chance that the heat in this application may harm other areas of the tissue, although most people worry about that. High-frequency ultrasound rays do not affect the upper layers of the skin and the environment because the targeted area is below the skin surface. The fact that these ultrasonic waves, which concentrate exclusively on the targeted fat tissue, do not affect the surrounding tissue, is one of the application's greatest benefits.

You can observe that your face gets more oval after this application. The skin in the region gets tighter as your cheeks get smaller. As your cheekbones get more pronounced your facial bones will look more pleasant. You can experience all these changes thanks to HIFU, which is a painless cosmetic procedure.

HIFU Procedure

The HIFU procedure is very simple to apply. There are no prerequisite actions needed before beginning the procedure. On the other hand, you shouldn't use skin care or makeup on your skin just before this application.

Your doctor or their assistant carefully cleans the treatment area before starting the operation. The area of skin that has to be treated can then be covered in topical anesthetic cream. After that, ultrasound gel is administered to the area of application. The procedure can begin once all of these preparations have been made. The HIFU device is applied to the appropriate area of your skin by your doctor. Your doctor sets the device exactly how it should be using an ultrasound imaging.

The HIFU application might take 30 to 90 minutes. Once the procedure is complete, no other application is necessary. While the ultrasound is on your skin, you can experience mild warmth or tingling. However, these effects have nothing to do with pain. After the procedure is completed, you can return to your daily life, work or do sports.

HIFU typically needs a single session. However, you may repeat the application if your doctor feels it essential. HIFU has no negative side effects. When applied by the a doctor, HIFU is a very safe cosmetic procedure. The full results of this therapy typically take many months to manifest. The benefits of the procedure start to emerge during this time, and after three months, the application's full results can be seen.

Anyone may do HIFU, also known as focused ultrasound. Focused ultrasound is not advised for pregnant women, people with pacemakers, or those who have skin issues. With complete confidence, you can undergo HIFU, which is particularly successful in treating issues with the cheeks related to age and weight.


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