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Non-Surgical Face Lift With French Lift

French lift is one of the non-surgical facelift methods. It is also known as face suspension and dynamic hanger. With the French face lift, you can get rid of wrinkles in one session and get stretched and younger skin.

French lift is one of the non-surgical facelift methods. It is also known as face suspension and dynamic hanger. It is called a French lift as the flexible threads made of silicone outside and polyester inside that are benefited in this procedure were developed in France.) With the French lift, you can get rid of wrinkles in one session and get stretched and younger skin.

What is A French Lift?

French lift is a non-surgical facelift method using flexible threads made of non-polyester silicone. (yukarıda iç kısmı polyester dedik?) These threads used in the French lift technique imitate the mimics of your face and can stretch by conforming to them. Therefore, it lifts and rejuvenates your face without mimic and expression loss. Sagging and wrinkles on the face can be completely removed with this technique.

Fransız askısı

The threads used in the French lift technique are known as the French lift since they were developed in France. There are 2 types of threads used in this facelift method.

Absorbable Threads: As the name suggests, absorbable threads dissolve and disappear under your skin in time. Therefore, it lasts about 1-1.5 years and has no side effects or risks.

Dynamic Threads: The non-surgical facelift made with dynamic threads, also known as dynamic face sling, lasts for 5-10 years. Since it takes much longer to be destroyed biologically than absorbable threads, it lasts a long time.

Facelift procedures with French lift are among the highly preferred non-surgical facelift methods due to its durability and good results similar to surgical procedures.

Fransız askısı

How to Perform a French Lift?

French lift is a facelift procedure performed by a doctor under local anesthesia or sedation. Threads are placed on your face under the skin over your ear. So your skin will be rejuvenated without any scars. Then, the threads are stretched and fixed, tightening of skin. After this procedure, which takes about 45 to 60 minutes, you will get rid of wrinkles and the effects of aging.

How Long Does It Take for French Lift To Take Effects?

You can see 90% of the results at the end of 1 week after the procedure. In about 60 days, the threads take shape compatible with your whole face and the full results are obtained.

Where Can The French Lift Be Applied?

French lift can be applied successfully on both the face and other parts of the body. When used on the face, it can be applied to cheeks, cheekbones, under the chin, to oval parts of the face, eyebrows, and neck. When used for other parts of the body, it can be applied to the chest, hips, arms, and legs.

French Lift Recovery Period

There may be slight swelling and bruises on the face after the procedure. These side effects are natural part of the process and will disappear in about 7-10 days. The healing process may vary depending on the application site.

Forehead Wrinkles: The appearance of redness and itching will go away in a few days. They will completely heal in a week.

Crow’s Feet: After 48 hours, burning, stinging and loss of feeling will disappear. In 2 weeks, you will see the results.

Brow Lift: All your complaints will end in 3 days. You can see the result in 15 days.

Cheeks: It will heal in 4 to 5 days and results will be seen in 30 days.

Mimic Wrinkles: The healing period will be over in 15 days and will look good by day up to 60 days.


French lift, which gives results relative to surgical methods, has certain benefits, including:

  • Your facial features will be emphasized.
  • It has a brow lift effect, facial expression changes, and rejuvenates.
  • It has a very natural rejuvenation effect since the threads used are compatible with your facial expressions and do not affect your muscles. The person regains that youthful state of his / her facial structure.
  • It provides a brighter facial expression as collagen production begins around the threads.
  • Cheekbones are emphasized. In other words, it gives you Hollywood cheeks.
  • Fine and deep wrinkles are reduced.

French Lift Aftercare

  • Avoid making excessive facial expressions after the procedure.
  • It is normal to feel itchy on your face for the first 3 days and you should not scratch these areas.
  • In cases where facial sensation is lost very rarely. Although it happens rarely, in cases where the facial sensation is lost, this will go away on its own the sensation will be recovered by itself within 3 weeks at the latest.
  • For the first 20 days, you should stay away from the movements that avoid the activities that may cause pressure on your face. (Washing your face hard, rubbing your face, etc.)
  • You should not sleep on your face for the first a month after the procedure.
  • Mild exercises are prohibited first 3 weeks. Heavy exercises are prohibited for 5 weeks.

French Lift Istanbul Turkey Face Lift Prices

The number and type of threads used in the procedure are the determining factors in the price. Your doctor will examine your face and decide the price. Feel free to contact us to get information about prices.


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