Autologous Micrograft Treatment

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Micrograft is a technique used to revive hair. Based on clinical investigations, this therapy is favoured by people who has hair loss and weakened hair for various causes.

Many people nowadays are struggling with hair loss. Hair loss can be brought on by a variety of factors, including genetic susceptibility, stress, chronic illnesses, a lack of iron, and malnutrition. People who experience one or more of these issues look for long-term answers to their issues. Currently, the micrograft therapy is one of the therapies you may use and is based on the idea of capillary vessel regeneration. This treatment makes use of a suspension of the patient's own autologous cells. The ultimate goal of this procedure is to regenerate the scalp.


Micrograft treatment only requires one session. It can be used to treat androgenetic alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss in men. The FDA and CE have approved this therapeutic procedure, which involves injecting the scalp with the patient's own cells. Notably, this therapy, which attempts to enhance the number of cells in the application region, was developed as a result of clinical research.

This procedure, which is carried out in clinics using a local anesthetic, is quite safe. People can resume their regular daily activities right away after the application. Following therapy, large capillary vessel regeneration starts. Although it varies for each person, the full effects of therapy often take three to four months to manifest. Before six months, it might not be able to notice the application's full results. Autologous micro-graft treatment, which encourages hair to grow in accordance with its natural cycle, aids in boosting hair thickness and density.


Many persons who experience hair loss might benefit from autologous micro-graft therapy. You can safely do the autologous micro-graft operation if the issue is not brought on by an infection. People who have significant hair thinning caused by procedures like hair dying can also utilize this therapy without worry.

This method also works on hair loss that aren't the result of any outside influences or applications. Autologous micro-graft therapy is also an option for those whose hair is thinning or falling out owing to hereditary factors and predisposition. This technique may also be used during the hair transplant procedure to support the treatment. This makes it feasible to speed up the recovery time following hair transplantation.


The first step is to remove 3 to 4 hair follicles from behind the ear. With the help of regenera activa technology, these hair follicles are turned into a special cell solution. This allows us to produce a hair treatment that encourages the growth of new cells in our own hair follicles. By using an injection technique, this prepared solution is applied to the scalp. Tissue progenitor cells, growth factors, and hair follicles with regeneration abilities acquired from the donor location contribute for the formation of hair. You do not feel any pain during the procedure since local anesthetic is given before.


Hair loss in both men and women can be effectively treated using autologous micrografts. Shedding diminishes with the use of autologous micro-grafts, particularly when the hair loss issue has not been going on for a long time. In the years that follow, hair that grows back to normal is also protected from thinning.

Thanks to this treatment, your hair will be strengthened and will no longer be prone to thinning. This procedure also supports keeping existing hair healthy. One may conclude that this therapy typically aids in the recovery of brittle and thinning hair.

The autologous micro-graft procedure helps to stimulate hair follicles and create the right conditions for hair growth. After hair transplantation, a quicker recovery is achievable thanks to this treatment. Regardless of how long or short your hair is, you will experience positive results with micro graft treatment.

Autologous micrograft therapy has been shown to thicken fine hair. Hair that seems particularly voluminous and weak is revitalized. Your hair will seem voluminous if you do this. One of the benefits of the therapy is to boost the effectiveness of the hair transplantation procedure since this treatment may also be used as a preparation before hair transplantation.

Note that the primary goal of this application is not to replace hair transplantation. The aim of this therapy is support your hair health. It is advised that persons seeking a permanent remedy for severe hair loss prefer hair transplantation. Remember that this procedure is frequently utilized as a support for hair transplantation.


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