Hyperhidrosis Treatment

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Armpit sweat occurs as a result of body temperature regulation, but it can be uncomfortably intense. Although there are many treatment methods to solve this problem, if it is excessive, the best treatment is to surgically remove the sweat glands.

Although there are many non-surgical treatment methods for the solution of underarm sweating, the most definitive method is surgical removal of sweat glands. The non-surgical treatment is underarm botox. Armpit sweating can be stopped temporarily (minimum 6 months) with underarm botox.

What is Treatment for Armpit Sweat?

Underarm sweating treatment is a way to control excessive sweating, which is your body’s way of controlling the body’s temperature. When there is an increase in body temperature, the autonomic nervous system sends signals to the sweat glands. Eccrine sweat glands receive this warning and sweating begins to balance body temperature. You need to get it treated when sweating is excessive, which is certainly a problem.

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Excessive sweating, called hyperhidrosis, can be caused by neurological, hormonal, and systemic diseases, and it mostly affects healthy people. Therefore, for most people, there is not an underlying disease to treat and cope with sweating. People suffering from this problem tend to sweat all the time, regardless of whether the weather is hot or not. It may seem like a simple issue; however, people who sweat excessively find that it has negative effects on social and private life as well as professional relationships.

How to Treat Armpit Sweating?

Many treatment methods can be used to treat armpit sweating. While some of these can help prevent sweating and can be applied at home, some are medical treatments. Here are the best treatment options for armpit sweating:

Underarm Sweating Treatment with Botox

  • Botox, which is used to lift the face and reduce wrinkles, is a treatment approved by the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) to treat sweating. Botox prevents the signals that activate the sweat glands. Botox takes effect when applied more than once and its effects last for almost a year. Botox is a good alternative for those who prefer a non-surgical treatment method.
koltuk altı botoksu
  • You can use anticholinergic drugs for armpit sweating. Anticholinergic drugs, which stop sweat glands from secreting sweat, are taken by mouth. These drugs are effective but they cause side effects such as vision problems, dry mouth, heart palpitations, and difficulty urinating.
  • MiraDry is a sweating treatment without surgical intervention. This method, which offers permanent results, deactivates the sweat glands under the armpit using heat energy.
  • Another method that offers a permanent solution for underarm odor is surgery. However, surgery is only recommended as a last resort for people who do not benefit from other treatments. Surgery involves cutting and removing the armpit sweat glands.

How to Prevent Armpit Sweating?

  • You can take a shower frequently to reduce sweating. So you can avoid the unpleasant consequences of uncontrolled sweating. Taking a shower every day will be refreshing.
  • You should wear cotton clothes that do not cause sweating. Clothes made from nylon can cause a lot of sweating. You should use cotton fabrics that absorb sweat to prevent sweating.
  • As stress causes sweating, you should ways to cope with stress to stop sweating. So you should learn stress management techniques and try to keep your anxiety levels under control. 
  • Reducing the consumption of foods that cause sweating and odor can help. Especially spicy foods cause an unpleasant odor. So you can prevent smelly sweat by practicing dietary restrictions.

Armpit Sweating Complications

Armpit sweating does not generally cause complications, and when it does, they are just mild. Although it causes rather a skin discomfort, it may have psychosocial effects. The irritating sweating odor is the reason behind its psychological complications. Many people may avoid social situations because of the embarrassment caused by excessive sweating. They may even stay away from professional life.

Medically, sweating can cause an increase in susceptibility to fungal infections, which tend to grow in humid and hot areas. Besides, if bacteria and viruses reach the lower layers of the skin damaged by a fungal infection, then bacterial and viral infections may occur. For this reason, sweating needs to be treated to prevent its medical and psychosocial complications.


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