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Aristo Diet: Healthy way to lose weight

The “Aristo Diet” is a sustainable living guide that touches, saves and protects Human Life. With the Aristo Diet, your nutrition culture changes and your health is protected. With the Aristo diet, you can slim down 1 size in a week and 2 sizes in a month!

What Is Aristo Diet?

The Aristo Diet Life Program is a coding system adapted to your genetic makeup and lifestyle.

Aristo Diet is the art of cleansing the soul. The question of how our soul gets dirty is about our subconscious starting to register from the moment we enter the womb. We shape this moment and this life, both with the records we brought from our ancestors, from this society, and with our way of life. We carry in our DNA all the patterns, records and karmas we brought from our ancestors, such as eyebrow and eye color. Apart from this, we can also get the subconscious records of the society. Let’s say you were born in another country, but if you live in this land, you can generally record the subconscious of Anatolia.

HOW THE ARISTO DIET Helps You Lose Weight?

This life program is a diet that is suitable for the deficiencies determined according to the body type and needs of the person, and that makes you lose fat quickly. It is not a one-size-fits-all diet. With detoxes, toxins are easily removed. It is a combined weight loss method that provides mental and physical relief. Conditions such as inability to lose weight, resistance, hunger, fatigue and trembling in hands and feet, which are experienced in classical diets, are not experienced in the Aristo Diet.

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In the diets made with anxiety, you lose and gain weight, in the Aristo Diet, you change your body only for yourself, independent of anxiety. In the first month, 10% of the person’s weight is lost. (i.e. 100 kg gives 10 kg) With “Magnetic Bioresonance”, which is a frequency balancing method, the hormones and stress level of the person are balanced. As a result, the person’s blood sugar normalizes, he does not feel hungry, his sleep is regulated, his anxiety level improves. Allergies, predisposed medical conditions are revealed.

Such as phase 1 and phase 2 instead of a monotonous diet; It is a diet that is sometimes vegan, sometimes containing protein, with plenty of minerals and vitamins, and detox. Intermittent fasting diet is done during protection periods. By fasting for 6-8-12 hours, the organs are cleaned themselves. Sleeping hours, acting with a diet style, provides local weight loss, not especially from the face.

The important thing is to determine the needs of the patient and to give supportive treatments. Everyone’s obesity is unique and individual. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out a personal study in the Aristo Diet, to determine a special list and supportive treatments.

For detailed information, you can also check the Aristo Diet website (aristodiyet.com.tr).


How does it lose weight?

With the Aristo diet, you can slim down 1 size per week and 2 sizes in a month. You are expected to lose an average of 10% of your weight in a month. Example In the Aristo Diet, where you start at 70 kg, you lose 7 kg in the first month and you drop to 63 kg.

When is the result obtained?

The Aristo Diet is a diet program that specifically recommends consuming vegetables and fruits. Unfortunately, we cannot suddenly become vegetarians, but success is possible with the Aristo Diet, especially if we take very little carbohydrates and low protein. Visible results start from the 3rd week.

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