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About Dr. Gönül Ateşsaçan


Dr. Gönül Ateşsaçan obtained her high school diploma in 1986 from İzmir Bornova Anadolu Lisesi, and has graduated from Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Medicine in 1992. She has always been interested in holistic medicine, and thus developed the concept of “4-dimensional beauty”. She believes that “we can only achieve beauty when we create a balance between physique, mind, spirit, and emotions”, and curates her treatments with this in mind.


  1. “Family Practice”, “Aesthetic Medicine”, “Mesotherapy”, “Ozone Therapy” certifications registered by Ministry of Health (Turkey)
  2. “Nutrition Consultancy” from American Association of Nutritional Consultants
  3. “Ozone Therapy” training from Medikal Ozon Derneği (Medical Ozon Association)
  4. Mesotherapy, Filler Treatments, Peeling, Laser, Botox, Anti-aging, Mintlift, Spring thread, Weight loss trainings
  5. “HCG Slimming Method” by Dr. Dirk Von Lith (Netherlands)
  6. SCIO (BioResonance Therapy) training by Dr. Matthias Heiliger, Stephanie Heiliger (Switzerland)
  7. Homeopathy training (Homeopathy Association [Turkey] – ECH European Committee for Homeopathy)
  8. Quantum / Energy Medicine, Hypnotherapy trainings by Paul Aurand (USA)


  1. Homeopathy Association (Turkey), Member
  2. Amerikan Estetik Medikal Derneği, Member
  3. Mezoder (Mesotherapy Association), Member of the Executive Board
  4. Estetik Tıp Derneği, Member of the Executive Board
  5. MESTDER, Member


    1. Aristo Diyeti İle Yeni Yaşam, 2019 (The book is available in English)
  1. Neden Açım Neden Şişmanım, 2015

Dr. Gonul Atessacan Clinic provides health services on minimal invasive nonsurgical aesthetic treatments including fillers, botulinum toxin, mesotherapy, stem cell, thread lifting , Special Diet programme called Aristo Diet that is including SCIO energetic based medicine, vegan and plant based diet, subconscious mind therapies, body slimming methods and also hair transplantation treatment, and working with professional team. Dr. Ateşsaçan also creates and hosts her own TV shows, where she provides information about healthy lifestyle, weight loss, diet, nutrition, and medical aesthetics.

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