DR. I have read and understood the "Clarification Text on the Processing of Personal Data" of GÖNÜL ATEŞSAÇAN and "all my rights" regarding the legislation clearly stated in the text, verbally and in writing, in a language that I can understand, and I have been informed about my rights. Acknowledging the Clarification Text, DR. GÖNÜL ATEŞSAÇAN 's contact information from my Personal Data that I consented to be processed within the scope of the Clarification Text; DR. PROCESSING by GÖNÜL ATEŞSAÇAN in order to carry out my examination, preventive medicine, medical diagnosis , treatment, care and control services, to improve the medical treatment applied to me, to remind my appointment dates for continuous treatments and to be personally informed about the innovations regarding medical treatment and applications , I CONSENT TO SENDING SMS, E-MAIL AND MOBILE COMMUNICATION TO ME to inform about innovations and developments regarding services, reminding appointment dates for continuous treatments, and to celebrate and congratulate on special days .