Lip Fillers for Full and Plump Lips

You may get the aesthetically pleasing, voluminous, and full lips you desire with lip augmentation. Lip filler gives your lips a beautiful look and moisture. The treatment takes 15 minutes, and you can have the lips you want.

Lip augmentation can give you lips that are plumper and more voluminous. Lip filling is a cosmetic procedure that clarifies lip outlines and enhances the visual appeal of the lips by giving them more volume.


Hyaluronic acid-containing fillers are injected into the lips to modify their shape and look and to add the volüme they need. This treatment is known as lip filling. It is a simple cosmetic procedure that takes around 15 minutes in total. When a specialist uses high-quality materials for filling treatments, the risk of adverse effects and complaints is quite low. The mimic of the person who had the filler, the material used, and environmental circumstances are all the factors that affect the durability of lip filler but it usually last around 6 and 12 months.


First, the volume and the lines of the lips are assessed, and the lip volume loss in the lower and upper lips are identified. The xact ratios that your lips need are identified, and it is decided how much injection will be done in the necessary locations after determining whether the ratios in these regions are consistent with the natural ratios.

Your lips need to get cleaned with an antiseptic solution before to the application, and local anesthetic creams are administered to numb the area. For it to work, you must stay like this for 15 minutes. So the lip filling application may begin without experiencing any pain or prickling from the needles. The needles or microneedles are used for this application.

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In order to increase the volume of the lips, the upper and lower lip ratio should be calculated in line with the natural aesthetic proportions, and injections should be performed at the proper locations on both the upper and lower lips.

The vermilion border, which is where the upper and lower lips meet the skin, is filled in linearly to draw attention to the lip line. So defining the lip line brings your lips forward.

Natural Lip Proportions: The upper lip is 1-2 mm in front of the lower lip and is half the size of the lower lip in the natural lip ratio.


  • Lip Augmentation with Hyaluronic Acid

    Lip filling involves the use of hyaluronic acid-containing fillers. What is hyaluronic acid? One of the crucial tissue components that makes up connective tissue's primary building block is hyaluronic acid, which may be found in human cartilage and bone tissue. So the adverse effects of this substance are uncommon. The hyaluronic acid used in lip fillers is derived from bacteria in a laboratory setting and has a 1,000-fold water retention capacity. So, when it is injected, it keeps its form for a long period. It lasts anywhere from six months to a year.

  • Lip Filling with Synthetic Fillers

    These chemicals are made in a lab and are not found in the body naturally. So it lasts longer and it takes a long time for it to break down in the body. When placed incorrectly, it may result in distortion, and there is a considerable risk of negative effects with these fillers. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers ought to be chosen instead.


  • For two hours following lip augmentation, you should avoid eating and drinking, including water.
  • Avoid lipstick or anything that may be hard on your lips, including mimics
  • One of the potential adverse effects of lip augmentation is swelling and oedema. It is best to apply ice for 30 minutes a day for the first two days to avoid such side effects.
  • Use the ointment or gel that your doctor has advised after the surgery.
  • Avoid alcohol for 48 hours before to and following the application. Drinking alcohol will make oedema worse.
  • Food and beverages that are extremely hot or cold shouldn't be eaten following the procedure.

Swelling after Lip Fillers

After lip augmentation, you may experience mild swelling and oedema. It typically takes 3 days for these side effect to go on their own. You should absolutely let your doctor know if the swelling continues after 3 days or if it gets worse day by day.

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It is crucial that the filler material used is of high quality and that the surgeon is a specialist who conduct the procedure to get natural-looking lip enhancement results. The goal of lip augmentation is to get the best outcomes possible for you by properly changing the dimensions of your lips. Thanks to newly developed fillers, getting natural lip augmentation results is now quite simple.


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