Jawline filling is another name for chin filling. Aiming to highlight the jaw line, it is used on the chin to crate an attractive chin and face that are in the right proportion to each other. You can get a good chin structure with a 15-minute operation.

Dermal fillers are injected into chin as part of a cosmetic treatment called "chin filling" to refine its form and contour. With the use of this treatment, asymmetries may be greatly reduced or a softly defined chin can be acquired.


The idea behind chin filling is to add volume to the area by injecting filler under the skin. In addition to adding volume, it also stimulates the synthesis of collagen or hyaluronic acid and improves the skin both when it is administered and after the treatment. The fundamental building ingredients that provide the skin volume and vitality are collagen and hyaluronic acid. Thanks to this treatment, both the drooping skin and the underdeveloped bone region are improved. Chin filling should only be done with approved fillers such as calcium hydroxylapatite or hyaluronic acid.

Chin filling can be administered by plastic surgeons or dermatologists to improve the chin's look, address aging-related degradation in the chin area, make the jaw line sharper or more oval, correct jaw asymmetry, assure jaw proportion, and alter facial expression by enhancing the jaw line. It can also make a face appear sharper, which will help you look thinner.


No incision is created during chin filling; instead, fine-tipped needles are employed, which means you will not go under knife. To avoid any potential pain from the needles, your doctor will still numb the area of application before the treatment. Following the anesthetic has taken effect, the filler is gradually injected along the mandible. These injections are not given all at once, in a concentrated spot, and in big doses. Instead, it is administered gradually and by several injections in specific locations. Your doctor will carefully monitor this process and make sure the injections are having the desired impact. It takes about 30 minutes for the tretment to finish after the injection begins.

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Chin filling is a very successful method of correcting problems with and deformities of the chin. Anyone can have this procedure if it would assist their chin issues. However, the following problems are among those for which chin filling is advantageous:

  • Very soft chin
  • Excessively sharp chin tip
  • Excessive flatness at the chin's tip
  • Cleft chin
  • Sagging chin
  • Receding chin
  • Wide chin

How Long Will The Chin Filler Last?

Chin filling produces effects right away, although individual outcomes may vary in terms of how long they persist. However, for many people, it only takes a year for the effects to start to fade. The full results of this treatment may not completely go away up to two years. So it needs to be done again every one to two years to maintain the results of the chin filling. If you want to prolong the effects of this procedue, you should wear sunscreen, protect yourself from UV rays, moisturize your skin, drink lots of water, and pay attention to your diet.

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The most common side effects after chin fillers are simple ones such as discomfort, redness, itching and acne formation in the area of application. Some people have also reported pain and bruising after chin fillers. These and similar side effects will decrease and disappear within a few weeks depending on your body.


The first thing to avoid during post care is alcohol. For the first several days, at the very least, alcohol shouldn't be taken. Alcohol's tendency to thin the blood might result in bruising. In order to reduce the likelihood of redness following the procedure, you should also avoid situations that may exacerbate he redness. These settings include extremely hot places such as Turkish baths and saunas, sunbathing and activities such as exercise and sports.

You can wear make up or apply cream in the area of application. Of course, you should stay away from creams and makeup that are not good quality. On the day of the surgery, you should also avoid going to the places where there is a danger of infection. You should avoid swimming both in the sea and pool to prevent infection. If you follow thse recommendations, the procedure will yield the most successful results.


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