Hair Loss Treatments

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Methods such as vaccine therapy, stem cell therapy, cortisone therapy and laser therapy can be applied to hair loss. In order to understand which treatment is suitable for you, it is necessary to first examine and determine an appropriate treatment program.

Hair loss treatment options include vaccine therapy, stem cell therapy, cortisone therapy, and laser therapy. Hormonal changes, stress, genetic predisposition, hair damage due to aging, sunlight, air pollution, humidity, excess chlorine, some medications, wrong diets and malnutrition, infection and candida, chemicals, polycystic ovary syndrome, sudden weight gain or loss, can trigger hair loss or aggravate it. All these cases may benefit from hair loss treatments.

What is Hair Loss Treatment?

Hair loss treatment is the general name of the methods that use needles, lasers, creams, medicines, and other techniques that prevent, stop or slow down hair shedding or thinning. In addition to simple procedures such as hair mesotherapy, there are also treatment methods such as FUE hair transplant that provide permanent results but have more side effects. More than one of these treatment methods can be offered to support one another. Usually, hair loss treatment does not cover hair transplantation procedures, it is rather used to refer to applications that eliminate the underlying cause of hair loss and prevent or slow down the hair shedding process, as well as the methods that increase hair strength and regulate hormone levels.

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PRP, Dermapen, Microneedling, laser, Mesotherapy, and Stem cell treatments are among the main treatments used for hair loss problems. In addition to these treatment methods, medication, which are usually utilized first, is another method to treat hair loss. Cortisone is generally given topically (creams) and can be recommended in addition to other methods.

How Are Hair Loss Treatments Performed?

One of the most frequently used active ingredients in medications is Minoxidil. Minoxidil needs to be used as directed by your doctor. It usually needs filling the tube up to 1 mm and using 20 drops. You can repeat the application twice a day in an amount depending on the severity of your hair loss. Foam is a different but easy usage method and is recommended every day as many as recommended by your doctor.

Another method that can be used for hair loss other than drug treatment is Microneedling. This procedure aims to increase collagen production using micro needles, which supports hair growth. It is a treatment that promotes hair growth but does not cure hair loss.

Mesotherapy for hair 

Mesotherapy for hair is another treatment that can be used to treat hair loss. Mesotherapy for hair is a scientific and effective treatment approved by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). Mesotherapy for hair uses certain vitamins, minerals, proteins, and necessary components in a mix to inject into the relevant sites on the scalp. 

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Dermapen is another method that uses a machine called Dermapen with micro needles affecting the middle layer of the scalp. As a result of the needles entering and exiting this middle layer, many small holes are opened in the application area. These are very small holes perceived by the scalp as a type of wound that needs to be repaired. As a result, cells to repair are activated in the application area. Besides, elastin and collagen production is increased. When the Dermapen, which is applied to eliminate many skin-related problems, is applied to the hair, the hair follicles are activated and revitalized, leading to hair growth. This treatment can be applied simultaneously with mesotherapy for hair or PRP. It can be applied 1 or 2 times a month depending on how severe the hair loss is.

Laser treatment for hair loss 

Laser treatment for hair loss takes about 20 minutes and should be repeated about twice a week. It uses a device with laser technology to stimulate the worn hair follicles by targeting the lower layers of the skin, increasing blood circulation. In this way, the revitalized cells trigger new hair growth.

Cortisone cream is a medication that can be applied by gently rubbing on the scalp with hair loss. In addition to this topical cortisone treatment, your doctor prescribes cortisone oral tablets to get its systematic effects.

Hair Loss Treatment Aftercare

You should avoid alcohol consumption 1 week before the procedure. Quitting smoking will also help as it disturbs blood circulation. You should also stop taking painkillers such as aspirin, vitamin E, multivitamins, and supplements 2 weeks before and after the procedure as they may stimulate blood thinning.

Before hair loss treatments, your hair must be clean. You should also avoid sunlight after treatments. Should you go out, wear a hat and avoid exposure to direct sunlight. After Dermapen, you should keep your hair from water for at least 1 day. Besides, after all of the treatments, you should avoid hot or chemical treatments that may be hard on your hair and scalp. And lastly, avoid hot water, saunas, and hot baths for as long as your doctor recommends.